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How Generic Viagra 100 mg Works

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How Does Viagra Work?
Viagra and all of its similar counterparts work in the same way. They are PDE5 inhibitors, meaning they halt the breakdown of cGMP by PDE5, thus allowing blood flow to the penis for a longer amount of time. By having more cGMP in your system, you relax the soft muscle tissue in the shaft of the penis. This means you can have a sustained erection.

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Contrary to popular belief, Viagra does not cause erections, it simply allows for the user to have one without becoming soft before orgasm. However, without sexual stimulation, an erection will not be achieved.

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Customers reviews say – Viagra is believed to increase libido and increase sexual stamina, although the effectiveness varies between participants. This makes it a popular recreational drug, and it is commonly known as a ‘sex pill’ among many young men who use it.


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Can women use Viagra? While it was previously believed Viagra had no effect on women, recent studies have shown that sildenafil can cause increased lubrication and arousal in females. This can cause faster and better orgasms, more pleasurable sex for both parties, and many other overall benefits in female health.

Girls use Viagra much less frequently, but with a rise in popularity, we could see Viagra marketed towards women in the future. Most types of Viagra-style products for women are topical ointments, such as a cream or gel that can be applied before sex to the genital area to increase arousal

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Sexual dysfunction issues can be very embarrassing for a male. He may find himself avoiding potential sexual situations or has given up entirely on the idea of ever again having a healthy sex life.